Past Simple и Present Perfect: From Tiger Bread To Giraffe Bread

Примеры употребления Past Simple/Present Perfect в рассказе о том,  как тигровый хлеб (Tiger Bread) стал жирафьим хлебом (Giraffe Bread):

Sainsbury's rebrands Tiger bread after request from 3 year old
Summary: Sainsbury's has rebranded its Tiger bread to Giraffe bread after receiving a letter from 3 and a half year old Lily. Listening to the customer is good for your reputation - no matter how old the customer happens to be.
(By Eileen Brown for Social Business)

brand [brænd] - марка, бренд (товара, продукта); выпускать(ся) под брендом
rebrand ( [riːˈbrænd] - изменить, обновить бренд ) - правильный глагол

Немного о Past Simple и Present Perfect

Правильные глаголы, например, глагол rebrand, образуют

2 форму - форму простого прошедшего времени (Past Simple) и
3 форму - используемую для образования настоящего завершенного времени (Present Perfect),

с помощью окончания -ed. У них вторая и третья формы совпадают:
rebranded  - Past Simple
have/has rebranded - Present Perfect

Неправильные глаголы, например, глагол write, имеют особые формы:
2 форма - wrote
3 форма - written

В предложении сказуемое и в Past Simple (wrote) и в Present Perfect (has written) описывает действие в прошлом, но

Past Simple сообщает о действии (возможно, в последовательности действий):

Bob wrote a letter. - Боб писал письмо.
= Написано письмо или нет - не важно

Present Perfect сообщает о результате действия; говорящему важен результат действия, которое уже произошло:

Bob has written a letter. - Боб написал письмо.
= Сейчас (в настоящее время) письмо написано

Обратите внимание на употребление Past Simple и Present Perfect:

Sainsbury's rebrands Tiger bread after request from 3 year old

UK supermarket Sainsbury's has rebranded its Tiger bread to Giraffe bread after receiving a letter from 3 and a half year old Lily Robinson.

Lily wrote a letter to the UK supermarket asking why Tiger bread is not called Giraffe bread. Look at the photo and Lily's letter to see why she thought that it needed to be renamed.

Tiger Bread

Customer Service Manager Chris King (aged 27 and 1/3) responded to her letter saying that it was a 'brilliant idea'. He explained why the bread was originally named Tiger bread, and he enclosed a £3 Sainsbury's gift voucher for her to spend. (See the letters)

The Facebook photo with Lily's original letter and Sainsbury's response has been liked on Facebook over 153,000 times. Searches for Tiger bread have jumped massively in Google trends and Chris King has been branded a customer service legend on a Facebook Fan page.

Tiger bread gets its mottled appearance from painting the surface of the loaf with rice paste before baking. It tastes crunchy -- with a slightly different taste to ordinary white bloomers and it makes really nice soft sandwiches.

In response to the request, today, Sainsbury's announced that they would be renaming Tiger bread to Giraffe bread and have credited Lily with the original idea.

Lily's parents, who are not making any money from the rebrand, are handling the media explosion in an ethical way, asking that donations be sent to charity.

The really nice thing about this story is that Sainsbury's has acted wonderfully. It saw a great idea from a young girl and decided to implement it -- without any grand fanfare -- just a quiet press release giving full credit to Lily.

Listening to the customer
There are so many examples of people using social media to complain about poor customer service that it's great to read about brands that value their relationship with the customer. Sainsbury's has listened and changed one of its brands because it seemed right. Not because it would bring in any extra revenue, or in response to sustained lobbying by fans to make things better.
One person had an idea, another person thought it was a brilliant idea and a product line now has a new name.

Wouldn't it be nice if more social brands could be this flexible with their customers?

Sainsbury's, I'll be delighted to eat your Giraffe bread. Thank you for caring about the voice of the customer -- no matter how old they happen to be.


Некоторые комментарии:

  • Actually it looks more like leopard than tiger but giraffe works also.
  • But it proves this company is anything but flat footed, and more importantly, knows where it's bread is buttered.
  • And she was given a 3 pounds voucher??? All that publicity and all they could manage was 3 pounds? Shame on you Sainsbury's!

Словарик и пояснения к тексту

after receiving - после получения/ получив
Tiger bread is not called Giraffe bread. - Тигровый хлеб не называется Жирафьим хлебом
the bread was originally named Tiger bread  - этот хлеб изначально получил название (был именован) ...
mottled [ˈmɔtld]- пятнистый; пёстрый
* mottle – крапинка, пятнышко; покрывать пятнами, крапинками
no matter how old they happen to be - не важно, какого они возраста
bloomer - городской батон (это одно из значений)
happen to be - оказаться кем-либо / чем-либо / каким-либо

anything but + прилагательное - означает противоположное значению этого прилагательного (как антоним)
* anything but dangerous = totally safe
anything but friendly = very unfriendly

flat footed - страдающий плоскостопием; (сленг) захваченный врасплох; неподготовленный
knows where it's bread is buttered - знает, где получить выгоду (букв. хлеб намазан маслом)
she was given - ей дали

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