Озвученные идиомы - устойчивые выражения

Learn English Idioms Lesson #1

1. Don’t beat around the bush! - Не говори попусту
= Stop wasting my time |
You are talking about things that have no relevance to my question |
You are trying to avoid answering my queries |
I think you are hiding something |
May be you are having no idea what are you talking about

2. You're striking me along
You're taking me for a ride
- Ты "гонишь", хочешь меня "прокатить"
= You are lying to me | you are tricking me, trying to use me, taking advantage of me


Learn English Idioms Lesson #2

1. I won’t fall for that - Я на это не куплюсь
= You are trying trick me | You fib but I ‘m not that stupid
fib - (разг.) выдумка, домысел, неправда; выдумывать, привирать, придумывать
2. She is a widowmaker
widow - вдова

Learn English Idioms Lesson #3

The cat's out of the bag - Выпустили кота из мешка
=It's out of control
He is a real firecracker - Он настоящий фейерверк
=He is emotionally unstable

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