Food: разговоры о еде и собака

Что съел бы пес, если бы ему дали это съесть?

Food! I just coudn't stop thinking about it... - Еда! Не могу не думать о еде
Простое прошедшее время и все самое вкусное в холодильнике (fridge):
meat - мясо, bacon - бекон, beef - говядина, steak - стейк, chicken - курица, cheese - сыр
(You gonna love this one - Это тебе понравится)

Food! I just coudn't stop thinking about it.
So I went to the fridge and I opened up the meat door
You know the meat door? is it right?
- Yes. What was in there?
I'll tell you what was in there
You know that bacon
That's like maple
The maple flavour
- The maple kind, yeh
I took that out
I know who would like that
Me. So I ate it
- O o o, no! You kid me
Nop. Not kidding
And I also know there is some beef in there
Yeh, you know steak, you know juicy
And I ate that too
And I went back to the fridge just a few minutes ago
And I put something together really special
You gonna love this one
I took some chicken
- Yeh
I put some cheese on it
- Yeh
And I covered it with
- Covered it with what?
Covered it with cat treats
Then guess what
- what?
I gave it to the cat!
- No o o a o a o!

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