Father's Day - День отца

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phrases relating to fatherhood, phrases connected with fatherhood
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Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries
Впервые День отца праздновался 19 июня 1910 года в США

  1. Об отце

    In a cafe which has been passed from father to son to great-grandson
    - В кафе, которое передавалось через поколения от отца к сыну

    smart = well-dressed, neat and tidy | strict = demanding that rules be followed
    getting on a bit = growing old (informal)

    Строгий, но справедливый

    Строгий, но справедливый

    well-built = big, broad
    stern = serious and demanding that rules be followed
    fair = treating everyone equally

    You had to do what you were told, because he was a bit strict.

    He asked me to come and work for him because he was getting on a bit

    Very stern, but fair. You have to understand his little ways to work for him – he's quite hard to work for – but once you get used to him he's fine

    You have to understand his little ways = You have to know and accept the strange things about his character, his unusual habits

    He's looked after me = He's protected me and helped me
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    How would you describe your father?

    I would describe my father as some sort of a hidden diamond because I am sure he was a special person and he did love me deeply. He had his own views about life, taught me just by his example the respect due to work, a massive sense of responsability and the immense value of personal dignity in every aspects of life.
    Unfortunately he passed away when I was quite young, but I am sure he could have been able to "shine" much more, had the circumstances been different. Anyway ... I try to think me lucky for having had him, and not too sad for having lost him too early.

  2. Устойчивые выражения и их обсуждение:

    William: So this Sunday is Father's Day here in the UK and in many countries around the world.
    Li: William, I know you are married but you are not a father yet, right?
    William: Yes, that's right.Li: Well in that case, I don't think you are well qualified to talk about this topic, William!
    William: Well, I disagree. All that matters is that we can speak English!

    a woman talking to her friend about her son:
    He's ever so quiet and I never know what he's thinking... Mind you, his dad's exactly the same.

    Like father, like son - как отец, так и сын

    ... that means that the son is just like the father, is that right? - Exactly, yes.

    'Like father, like son' is quite a common phrase - это довольно типичная фраза

    Li: So are you like your father, William?
    William: That's a good question. What do you think, Dad?
    William's Dad:
    I always like to keep an eye on William, make sure he's being a good son.
    And I think I was a good son to my father, so in that way, I think he is like me.
    Li: I think you look quite alike, except that William is much taller than you – he is a giant!
    William's Dad: I have to carry a chair with me wherever I go just to keep up with him!
    William: ... another phrase means a long time before you were born:

    Woman: I didn't know you used to have a motorbike!
    Man: Oh yes. I had one for a couple of years... it must have been in the sixties;

    before you were even a twinkle in your father's eye!

    or you could say

    You weren't even a twinkle in your father's eye.

    A twinkle is something that shines brightly, like a star. So it's quite a romantic word. Maybe the phrase means: before your father ever looked at your mother in a romantic way; so, long before you were born.
    Li: Well, we hope that these English phrases might be useful to you this Sunday. Happy Father's Day!
    William: Happy Father's Day!
    William's Dad: Oh thanks guys!

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