Два письма: "Why I love these English people"

Вот они какие англичане!  Customer Service at its Best. Brilliance 🙂

Маленькая девочка Лили Робинсон (Lily Robinson) (возраст - age 3 1/2 года) написала письмо в супермаркет Sainsbury’s и получила ответ от менеджера супермаркета Криса  Кинга (Chris King) (возраст - age 27 1/3 лет). Вот эти письма:

Письмо Лили:

Why is tiger bread called tiger bread? It should be called giraffe bread.
Love from Lily Robinson age 3 1/2

Ответное письмо Криса  Кинга:

Thanks so much for your letter. I think renaming tiger bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea - it looks much more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes on a tiger, doesn't it?
It is called tiger bread because the first baker who made it a looong time ago thought it looked stripey like a tiger. Maybe they were а bit silly.
I really liked reading your letter so I thought I would send you a little present. I've put a 3£ gift card in this letter. If you ask your mum or dad to take you to Sainsbury's you could use it to buy some of your own tiger bread (and maybe if mum and dad say it's OK you can get some sweeties too!) Please tell an adult to wait 48 hours before using this card.
I'm glad you wrote in to us and hope you like spending your gift card. See you in store soon.
Yours sincerely
Chris King (age 27 1/3)
Customer Manager

Enclosed: 3£ gift card

That's "Why I love these English people" ( Источник - blogspot.com )

Об этой истории и ее продолжении: ... Why "From this day forth, Sainsbury's tiger bread will forever be known as Sainsbury's giraffe bread." - 


It is called tiger bread - он называется тигриным хлебом
It should be called - он должен называться
renaming - переименование

looks much more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes ... -  больше похоже на пятна жирафа чем на полоски
blotch [blɔtʃ] - пятно, клякса
stripe [straɪp] - полоса
baker [ˈbeɪkə] - пекарь

a long time ago - давным давно
looked stripey = looked striped - выглядел/казался полосатым
stripe - полоска; полоса; наносить полосы
striped [straɪpt] - полосатый
* stripy - marked or decorated with stripes
like a tiger - как тигр

were а bit silly - были "немного глупыми" - не совсем понимали
* silly - глупый; дурацкий; нелепый; бессмысленный
I thought I would send - я подумал, что отправлю
I've put - я положил

a 3£ gift card - подарочная карта (подарочный сертификат) на 3 фунта
sweeties - конфетки
adult [ˈædʌlt], [ə'dʌlt] - взрослый, совершеннолетний
Enclosed (into a letter) - вложено (в письмо)
* enclose [ɪnˈkləuz] -включать, прилагать