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Как перевести?
Что означает выражение …? — What does … expression mean?
Эта рубрика — коллекция идиом, устойчивых и интересных английских выражений с переводом, определением на английском языке и с примерами употребления

get ...

get one's feet wet - попробовать что-то новое
*** If you get your feet wet, you gain your first experience of something.

  • If you are yet to get your feet wet with domain mapping and WordPress, this is the tutorial for you. We’re going to walk through what we need to get started and the best way to map the domains to our multisite installations.
  • Of course he can't do the job right. He's hardly got his feet wet yet.
  • I'm looking forward to learning to drive. I can't wait to get behind the steering wheel and get my feet wet.